I love the difference of major and minor chords. When I heard minor chords a piece becomes suspenseful ery and then when it ends in a major chord it is like the suspense is removed. When I’m feeling happy I want to listen to music that contains happy chords and that what I think a major chord is. I love listening to inverted chords as well ( an inverted chord is a chord that uses a different base note to start on from the original chord… sorry for the crap explanation but if you know about inverted chords you know what I’m saying) and then comparing them to the original chord. I think that putting a Major chord in second inverse makes me feel even happier like a little mouse who found some cheese or a horse who met a partner. For example the C Major chord is C,E,G and when you invert it twice it becomes G,C,E and it is all purdy! Minor chords that have no major chord to resolve them are spooky like Halloween! I also love transposing pieces into minor keys and comparing the different vibes the give off! It’s so cool.

It makes me want to over lap sounds and create different atmospheres within my sound composition and to use different sounds at different pitches to create chords.


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